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“Union Minister Dr. Akhilesh Prasad Singh assaults Kingfisher Staff”

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , on November 9, 2008 by indiawellwisher

One disturbing headline says

Union Minister Dr. Akhilesh Prasad Singh assaults Kingfisher

Is this true identity of ailing law and order conditions in UP and Bihar?

Minister who should be tried for this crime shamelessly saying that he was framed by Airline. Which sane person will believe that this despicable minister is innocent and being framed. Did he assume that all people travel by private airline should travel as per his timing?

What a hopeless man. Politicians are using and abusing all public transportation systems.. For their rallies their “supporters” use trains for free. That is the worst time for people who reserve seats and travel legitimately. This is nothing but mob mentality. If you are in mob you can do anything, this is the attitude.

Best example is people who come from all over country to Nagpur and Mumbai for Ambedkar Jayanti.. The mess they while they travel and after they leave (if they leave) is enormous. Ordinary people literally avid those days. More than 90% of those travel without tickets, squatt on reserved seats and use and abuse public facilities.

It leaves wishful thought, why can not these leaders request them to buy tickets, use public facilities responsibly and behave at public places.

These politicians are ruining india. How will india become super power if its leaders are directing towards wrong things or will it be just a dream?