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Lame Attacks On Mumbai

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , on November 29, 2008 by indiawellwisher

I tried to avoid swearnig but at times I could not help..

First of all Hats off to all those who lost their lives fighting with terrorists.

How come intelligence failed. Few news are saying that they are outsiders. How the hell outsiders came to country without visa?? Are our borders safe?
Bangla border is “open”, pak border from gujrat and rajsthan. If we can not protect our border how will we protect our people

Is indian goverment and bloody politicians are really interested in protecting people??
Is media’s nosiness resulted in killings of Top police officers like Hemant Karkare and Salaskar? These hopeless so called reporters reach where they should not and air the live details.. Bloody useless media..
Knowing that brave Late. Karkare did not was wearing bullet proof jacket and helmets eunuch terrorists shot bullets in his neck. What a pity
Indian government should ban such news channels who are helping terrorists with accurate information.
Such reporters should not even be called as reporters and should be in jail for rest of their lives. Useless bastards.

Politicians and legislators are doing politics over common man’s lives. Unless they teach the lession to illegal immigrants (who eventually become terrorists) system will not be clean.
Shivraj patil is busy licking Sonia Gandhi’s feet for Home minister post and changing dresses and giving interviews to different media channels. Everytime all this spineless bastard says “We will not tolerate attack on our citizens.. blah blah blah”. When this sterile man is going to move and really shoot all the terrorists in jail so that there will not be atleast any other attack to free them???
When are we going to be a strong country and destroy the bloody terror camps in neibhouring countries. We have to take lessons from Israel.. The way they control terrorism in their own country.
Just use the power and destroy the roots of all camps.. Kill the supply for arms. Increase patrolling the borders.. Enforce law and order.
The news said some MP’s skoda had been used by miltatants. No suprise there. That MP must have brought them in country. Question him. If he found only 10% suspicious shoot him..

People like Lalu Yadav and Paswan and many others are shamelessly supporting SIMI whose outshoot these new terror groups are. Why for minority votes?
Shit!! whom these a-holes are going to rule if they get lot of votes adnd win? dead people, broken country, broekn hearts????
Get the votes, get the seats, get the ministerships, be primeminister but PLEASE CLEAN THE SYSTEM. and if you can not then just shut up and help building country..

There is something more shocking.. I have been reading there are few comments and some ( ofcourse retarded )people and linking this latest row of sadhvi pradnya singh and raj thakrey etc..

Political partis are already lined to up to encash this.

I wont be surprised if Lalu, Mulayam, Amar Singh will they ask for ‘Judicial Inquiry’ again for the shoot out at Hotel. To secure vote bank. Or Modi blaming it on congress government.
Or I wonder when those so called human rights groups will demand a CBI enquiry for fake encounters like the batala house in delhi..

In all this only common man get suffered.

$I think it is good project for ShivSena and M.N.S to flush out filth of dawood and other networks used from mumbai. If they really love mumbai then they should help police and law and order to remove illegal immigrants, brain washing centers, radicalization in name of religion..

Where are we heading??
In the letter terroists claimed something about mograpada (place in mumbai) and muslim people being mal hanlded.. I am sure this is just a reason to perform act of terrorism. This is what these idiots had been brainwashed with.

Whatever the militants are arrested ask them a question “what have they achieved”.
taboo on their own religion? are they succeeded passing their message? increased hatred about “them”? More isolation??
These A-holes should understand killing is not written in any religous book.

ATS or police please get all possible information where they had been trained and just send air force to do the place up. Whereever it is in neibhouring countries.
How many times we are going to tolerate blackmailing from neighboring countries. They themselves are in bad shape with bad economy.

If indian government cant handle the security of country then outsoure it to Israel or Russia. Let them ruthlessly finish the militancy.

I am an ashamed Indian crying to Peace. If talks can not be held peacefully and demands and ridiculous then crush militancy.

God help India and Indians.