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Start of disintegration !!

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , on November 18, 2009 by indiawellwisher

If you read what Abu Azami is blabbering it sounds like this is start of disintegration on the basis of spoken language and caste..
To woo votes for a particular religon this idiot is gabbling on Babri masjid and hindi and religon.
Rats like him is the shit in india which will lead india to horrific annihilation..
We all want to and now almost forgetting turbulent past of early 90s.. and this pig is reviving old wound..

The convicted goon in 92 bomb blasts wins the parliamentary seat and makes speaches in public… This can happen only in India..

If you get a chance move away from India.. save yourself..


Abu Azami incident and it’s aftermath

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Abu azami was taking oath in hindi language and people who insisted he should take oath in the language where he is elected from from, Marathi mal-handled him.
Until this it is OK, but after that 4 MLAs are suspended for 4 years and all there are riots on the road..
Are these riots going to help pave the road for “Marathi” in the state? Or is this going to help Marathi people insist their point.
Is this going to help maharashtrian people to do more business or is this just a stunt..
This is going to make daily wage workers out of work for a day. samajwadi party’s gundas in bombay (bhivandi) area stopped the local train and lots of travellers were stranded.
There were few incidents all over Maharashtra where MNS activists stopped the State and local transport buses, trains and pelted stones.
Is this going to bring back harmony between marathi and hindi controversy.
Is this even a fu**ing solution to stop all the traffic and local businesses?
how about all the arrested people are forced to work and reimburse the costs. What if there would have been loss of life? Should all these anti social elements be shot dead?
I would support it.
Abu Azami and Raj thakrey need to think about people who they work for.
This definitely shows adamant nature of Abu Azami. He is ridiculous. Well what do you expect from Samajwadi party goons.

I wonder where shivsena were. According to them it was their agenda hijacked by MNS

I digged on the net about these two characters Abu azami and Raj Thakrey.
Abu Azami is from Azamgarh, UP and came to mumbai 40 years back. He was convicted in 93 bomb blast.. There had been persistent allegations that Azmi is linked to Dawood Ibrahim.
This is pretty serious… he should have been shot dead by now for the known links with world terrorist Dawood. I am sure he is at mercy of great Judicial system in india.
so he is known gunda and natural alliance of Samajwadi Party.

Raj Thakrey is nephew of Balasaheb Thakrey and started his political career from Shiv sena and formed own party MNS. He has serious allegations of murder as well. So he and Abu Azmi as a character are not very different, I guees.
Thats how most of the people in politics are in India.

I still do not understand why Abu Azami was insisting to take oath in hindi than in marathi which is the language of the people he is going to “work” for as a MLA.
This would definitely be not allowed in Tamilnadu or Kerala or any sensible southern state.
I think this is just another stunt. He was slapped and he should have been.
How the heck Abu azami was allowed to fight elections with serious allegations like links with bomb blast and dawood. now he is legislator. wow.. this sure can happen only india.
He is been in mumbai for 40 years and can not speak the local language this is pretty dumb.

One thing always puzzled me that why hindi is our national language, certainly not hindi in south. why not Tamil or even Marathi.
Quite interesting aspect at