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Consume less than buying pricy sugar

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Consume less sugar ??

IS this f**king remedy on sugar price? how can someone from ruling party make such ridiculous statement..
What a shameless bastards these are..
The same analogy can be applied to their back money.. If they have so much money why they are looting people…
There is definitely nexus between dalals and ministers.. these dallas must be bribing ministers for not releasing grain quota from government warehouses and infalting grain prices to skim off profits..
What a shame.. I feel like bashing these ministers in public by chappal..


“I don’t know what the fuss is about. As in the case of sugarcane, the concept was to allow hybrid jowar growers with irrigation facilities to manufacture liquid alcohol for industrial and other purposes,” he says.
This is the statement of great spineless forlorn shithead Vilasrao deshmukh.. even after getting bloody nose on the issue of using grain for alcohol he is still touting it.. why?
Because he must have given licenses to his close relatives.. Can this a**hole give guarantee that this alcohol will be used only for industrial purpose?
Should he not take a look at the grain prices and inverse proportion of grain stock availability and price.. but alas !! india is riddled by such politicians who just care about their own wealth..
Wasn’t there allegation of vilas Deshmukh deliberately wanted to get the works contract of Rs.20 billion-worth project for Indiabulls. Indiabulls realty is owned by Amit deshmukh and has stake of Ahmed patel.
No wonder it is getting so many infra projects.. so ultimately this bastard is siphoning money from government in his own pocket..
Shame on india..
It is happening everywhere in india.. all politicians have setup or hold stake in the companies which do government work and “earn” the money..
Is someone claim that india will be superpower then that person needs reality check and may be mental check as well.
It is never going to happen..


Show black flags to Rahul: Bal Thackeray

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and what will that achieve balasaheb? will it help stopping suicides of farmers, make poor people both ends meet, stop flooding in mumbai or clean the mumbai. it is your political stunt.. rahul and niether north indian political leaders will not stop spewing venom against you and maharashtra..
What did shiv sena do when they were in power.. unfortunately uddhav is ruining sena completely. Shiv sena lost all agendas and they are beating drums on absolutely anything.
I am no supporting rahul who is trying to divide army on the basis of state. Why he had to say that? Just because there are elections coming in bihar and he wants to topple the BJP coalition led government there? What a twat.
He is divind people who are already divded on the basis of language and state.
Why could not he talk to rising prices and lapses in security which led to henious attack of 26/11. Why can not he speak about law and order deterioration in bihar..

These politician are going to ruin india..
And media is absolutely hopeless. As soon as raj or bal takrey speaks pro local and pro marathi they start beating drums as if india has been attacked. And what about now. Is Rahul gandhi not dividing the nation ?

Bloody media. bastards will do anything to get the news. Just to increase their TRP rating they will do anything. They are not interested in pakistani miscreants meeting in PoK. they are not worried about student suicides. they just want tabloids..

Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can’t get taxi permit

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I read this news in timesofofindia and I read comments on this.. It is so irritating that people who commented against raj thakrey or maharashtra have not even thought about what is the harm of learning other language?

Most Taxi drivers in Delhi speak Hindi, most rikshaw wallahs in Bengal speak bengali, most of the local vendors, cabbies in UP, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan speak local language. Same is the case with all southern states. Whats wrong if same is expected from cabbies in Maharashtra?

Moreover it is law passed in 1989..

If you travel to italy and try and speak hindi will it work ? If you want to work in italy you will try and learn italian since it will make your life easy.
If someone stays in maharashtra for 15 years and can not speak local language and driving taxi how it will work?
Before spitting out venom why dont these people even think?

Some are very irritating comments and even people from southern india are commenting against talking local language.. I think this is totally hypocritical. If you go to madras and speak in hidi to the rikshaw driver he wont even bother looking at it.

I am not supporting what MNS is doing but at the same time if you are working in other states whats wrong learning the local language?

No one raised issue when Karnatak CM makde kannad compulsary

Then why media makes it a issue when things happen in mumbai.

As far as UP and biharis are concerned they are not ill treated for their language but the things they spoil where they go. It is not only in maharashtra but Assaam, Orisa, Tamilnadu, Karnatak even delhi and hariyana.
Bodos kill hindi speaking labourers, ULFAs does same then do these mahan netas even bother to comment? Few days ago there was agitation against biharis in haryana. I dont recollect that I read news about Nitish kumar and chaara ghotala king lalu sending letter to PM? Otr is it just not published?
When something happens in mumbai all Timesofindia, indian express immediately start raising the issue like this is do or die situation.. Why? Is media biased?
I think yes, media is biased and media is hopeless.. They never raised issue about Ruchika or why bloody SPS rathore was given only 6 months sentence, never uttered word about china encroaching arunachal day by day, infact one newspaper was even patronizing Pakistani players for IPL..


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MPs reward their own; grant free air travel to kin

So it is official now.. These worthless MPs will travel all around with their families and kins on taxpayer’s money..
Common tax payer is going to foot their bill..
What a irony..
Isn’t this sign of massive failure in indian so called “democracy”
Travelling for business purpose is fine but where does their relatives and kons fit in?
And we all know these bastard MPs have enough money to travel any where..
What is the possibility that they will not misuse this facility. I am 1000000% certain they will.
Every law is misused and no one can not stop it. If someone files a petition in the court against it, either that person’s life will be in danger and sterile judicial system can not stop the passed legislation in parliament..
Why, why we only in India politicians rule.. May be it is wishful thinking, but kasab the pig should have killed some of these absolute hopeless politicians than killing common people who barely earn to meet their ends… or afzal guru.
Shit india.. and I spit on our parliament..


News paper news quality

It is almost embarassing to read Times of india in the office.
Front page news has hideous skinny bikini photos with title “Kingfisher Calendar 2010” and articles with titles
Hottest Kamasutra sex positions to tempt!

* Nervous in Bed?
* X-Mas recipes for a grand party
* Is falling in love too fast risky?

Is this news paper or porno magazine? Where is the f**king editor? what is he doing..


Kasab continues to deny 26/11 charges for third day

So here we go again.. We had a choice to hang him when he admitted the charges..
In the show of Great Judicial system we gave him lawyer who screwed the case even badly..
Now this pig is denying all the charges.. He must have been studying how to manipulate already screwed up judicial system..
Here justice is never done.. well thats a lie.. it is done if you pay bribes to judges, use very expensive lawyer, do out of court settlement.. then within 20 years you will get justice..
this bastard should have hanged by now and our napunsak (one which can not reproduce) is provide all facilities and lawyers to him.
What a shame.. I spit on indian system.. I hope one day people will take the law in their hands themselves and kill him without bloody court and givernment deciding..

Condolences to the families who lost someone in 26/11 attacks.

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It is disheartening to see how families are coping up wihtout their loved ones. If some family lost bread winner then it is even beyond thoughts how they are surviving.
My heart cries to those who lost father/mother or beloved sibling.. My blood races and feel like killing everyone who was involved..
Including our politicians, parted police force, criminal networks who helped pakistani militants to survey and decide locations, civil servants who are helping militants to get passports and visas to india.
What happened in year after attacks.. nothing has moved..
Bastard Kasab is enjoying Biryani and full protection at taxpayers’ money. His dead fellow pigs are in morgue preserved for nothing. Postmartem reports for brave police like Karkare, salaskar are confusing and took almost year.
Idiot Pakistan and its rulers is still alleging that india gave no evidence.
After elections similar politicians arae in power. Spineless and shameless Vilasrao deshmukh was CM aspirant again. He is now putting blame on civil servants as well, which is probably only sensible truth he said.
So nothing has moved. Those who had to live are living.. somehow managing.. with thinking of the lost loved ones.. remembering them everyday.. With no hope of justice..
Where is our media who helped paki bastards in attacks by showing the locations and NSG tactics.. Why cant they surface these issues and create a movement against culprits.. Where is their enthusiasm..

I believe nothing will happen.. Kasab like a**hole will enjoy hospitality of indian govenment for years.. common people will continue to suffer.. politicians are any way reluctant to make any progress.. I hope this will not give confidence to terrorists that come to india, create havoc and then live rest of life enjoying indian hospitality..

Shame on indian politics, shame on indian judicial system and shame on red tape..

Well done.. We managed to create Lame India image in the world..

India can win the Nobel prize for filth: Ramesh

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At last.. minister, legislator admitted that India can win Nobel for filth..
Look at calcutta – highly polluted and one of the dirtiest cities.
Gurgaon, patna, lucknow, bangalore, mumbai, hyderabad, chennai infact most of india.. If this is the “hall” of metros we should not even go to rural areas..
poor sanitation facilities and waste disposal.. ZERO recycling facilities.. high pollution..
No wonder social activists found lot of work in india..