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Condolences to the families who lost someone in 26/11 attacks.

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It is disheartening to see how families are coping up wihtout their loved ones. If some family lost bread winner then it is even beyond thoughts how they are surviving.
My heart cries to those who lost father/mother or beloved sibling.. My blood races and feel like killing everyone who was involved..
Including our politicians, parted police force, criminal networks who helped pakistani militants to survey and decide locations, civil servants who are helping militants to get passports and visas to india.
What happened in year after attacks.. nothing has moved..
Bastard Kasab is enjoying Biryani and full protection at taxpayers’ money. His dead fellow pigs are in morgue preserved for nothing. Postmartem reports for brave police like Karkare, salaskar are confusing and took almost year.
Idiot Pakistan and its rulers is still alleging that india gave no evidence.
After elections similar politicians arae in power. Spineless and shameless Vilasrao deshmukh was CM aspirant again. He is now putting blame on civil servants as well, which is probably only sensible truth he said.
So nothing has moved. Those who had to live are living.. somehow managing.. with thinking of the lost loved ones.. remembering them everyday.. With no hope of justice..
Where is our media who helped paki bastards in attacks by showing the locations and NSG tactics.. Why cant they surface these issues and create a movement against culprits.. Where is their enthusiasm..

I believe nothing will happen.. Kasab like a**hole will enjoy hospitality of indian govenment for years.. common people will continue to suffer.. politicians are any way reluctant to make any progress.. I hope this will not give confidence to terrorists that come to india, create havoc and then live rest of life enjoying indian hospitality..

Shame on indian politics, shame on indian judicial system and shame on red tape..

Well done.. We managed to create Lame India image in the world..


List of bombs exploded in 2008 – What a shame we failed to catch/convict the killers !!!

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May 13, 2008 – Seven bombs rip through the crowded streets of the western city of Jaipur, killing at least 63 people in markets and outside Hindu temples.

July 25 – Eight small bombs hit the IT city of Bangalore, killing at least one woman and wounding at least 15.

July 26 – At least 16 small bombs explode in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, killing 45 people and wounding 161. A little-known group called the “Indian Mujahideen” claims responsibility for the attack and the May 13 attack in Jaipur.

Sept 13 – At least five bombs explode in crowded markets and streets in the heart of New Delhi, killing at least 18 people and injuring scores more. The Indian Mujahideen again claim responsibility.

Oct 30 – Eleven bomb blasts rip through Guwahati, the main city of northeastern Assam state. Detonated in quick succession, they kill at least 68 people and wound 335.

Nov 26 – At least 101 people are killed in Mumbai as an unidentified number of armed attackers shoot at and toss grenades into crowds at landmark hotels and buildings.

Nov 29 – Police finally end the siege at the iconic Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. More than 155 people, including foreigners, were killed in militant attacks on two luxury hotels and landmarks across the city.