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One of the most horrible news in recent years

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , on November 12, 2008 by indiawellwisher

What a horrible new I have read in decades. I was browsing news on bbc world and came across this.

The baby of 17 month had been used as punch bag by his own mother and tenants. Eventually the baby died.
I could not concentrate at my work after reading the news. My heart goes to the poor boy. Without any apperant reason the baby who do not even understand lost it’s life.
I have no words to describe the agony and anguish i am going thru, for the baby.

The baby had been to health workers for 60 times. And even then care worker did not realise that it is child abuse case.
The whole system has just stopped working looks like in UK.

The people who did it got away with 14 years prison sentence. Now Old baily is the court and it must have been decided by jurors, I suppose.
How can they get away with prison sentense?
Why not like for like. For this henious crime I think they should be drawn and quartered (,_drawn_and_quartered).
How can judge/ jurors give this heinous crime prison sentence where as this type of crime had happened before in London.

Horrific is the only word. The BBC news site even has the graphic image of face of the Poor Baby P. There was a acute pang after I saw that.
It is just not possible.
Not sure if I have to relate it with God but I came to conclusion “There is no God in world”. Humanity, Sensibility, Sense has left this world. What remains is only cruelty.