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Preposterous and Unjustified

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , on November 8, 2008 by indiawellwisher

1. Bihar slain youth’s father to appeal to president for justice.. This is just ridiculous.. The man who took hostage whole bus, his family insists that he is innocent. How can this ever happen? Or these things just happen in India?

2. JD(U) MPs resign to protest MNS attacks – I am sure f they are so inclined to give justice to innocent they would have pursued killing of IITian Santyendra Dubey. S K Dubey lost his life for revieling corruption in making roads.. Read more at

3. Why MNS chief Raj thakrey is mum on so many issues? He is son of soil, is there any thing he had done other than stirring opinions about maharashtrians all around country?

4. Few Bihari goondas attacked office of marashtrian lady IAS officcer (Other than that suits biharis) is RAj Thakrey going to Bihar to save her or console her or pay for the damage? Does attacking a woman suit biharis?


Thoughts About Rahul Raj killing in mumbai

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , on October 31, 2008 by indiawellwisher

I am just Common man making my living in another state than my home state.
I have simpathy with Rahul Raj’s family but few things are intriguing me.

1. Why rahul had to hijack bus if he had some nasty business with Raj Thakrey
2. If he is from common family how did he get hold of gun
3. If he did not kill even a bird how come he fired bullets indiscriminantly. One of which wounded bus passenger
4. How on earth his act is supported by politicians. Does that mean politicians in bihar support violence and violent acts.
5. What is more shocking is reading the comments on common web sites like sify. He had been already tagged a “martyr”. How is this possible in educated world?
6. Why Raj Thakrey is keeping mum on this? Why our proactive media channels is not qustioning Raj Tahkrey on this?
7. Media is giving the issue so much coverage that instead of buildng minds across states it is creating rift between them. Are we on the brink of civil war?
Media had given similar coverage, ofcourse unnecssary in Aarushi murder case.
8. Why there is outcry on killing of some man who had gun in his hand and injured two. Police did not know he was bihari before they killed him. The picture is being potrayed by bihari spineless politicians is completely wrong. Police did follow the process of warning him and then tok action. Had it been some real militant and killed few people, will these politicians would have shown any sympathy or congratulated to police?

9. Is Raj thakarey making him politically “visible” or he is really troubled with outsiders making mess of Mumbai?

10. A good project for Raj Thakarey could have been to remove bloody Illegal Bangladeshis, who are blasting now every single state, from India. These Bangladeshis are going to make havoc in India if not controlled now. Everybody in india who do not care about politics and vote banks would have supported Raj for his move.

More things to be added..