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Truth and thought about drought..

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , on July 10, 2008 by indiawellwisher

This year 2008 seems to be bad year for Maharashtra in terms of monsoon.. It is almost 12 July and only 26 percent of sowing is completed..
Coming to think of it and having first hand experience of futile efforts to conserve water I believe people and their slack attitude is to blame.

In urban areas when rain water harvesting is made compulsary for new building why its not enforced?
Looks like builders atke a short cut route to save money but dont have wit to think about future. There must be some way to enforce it by municipal corporation before they give completion certificate.. It wont take a single guess why defaulter builders get completion certificate, BRIBE.. By bribing half wit babu in local corporation oen can get any certicate.

Villages and farmers lost their interest and are want to move to urban area albeit they would take significant amount of hit in quality of life.
To be fair they have a reason..
My village has load shedding of 10 to 12 hours… it is ridiculous.. so there is not electricity virtually…
No tap water supply.
Lack of basic hospitals..

Coming back to attitude of people, I will tell simple example,
I tried to build a barrier in the river (which is not very side 2.5 meters wide) to hold the water so that it will be sipped in the soil and increase the water level and hence increase water in the well and I can use that water for summer crops.
but alas.. I used steel plates.. within next 3 days all the plates were stolen.. most probably to sell in scrap for less than hundred rupees..
What a bunch of sadists.. Increased water level could have helped to other farmers nearby..

I applied in government but mr. babu is asking some money to expedite the process…
Looks like I will miss good crop this year…

Wastage of water is another reason.. It takes lot of energy in terms of process and resource.. I never could understand why dont we people think before we waste essential things (like food, water petrol)..
With fresh clean water becoming scarce we must learn to respect the conservation and efforts towards conservation.

Imagine if only 50% of us all build and implement water conservation..