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Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can’t get taxi permit

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I read this news in timesofofindia and I read comments on this.. It is so irritating that people who commented against raj thakrey or maharashtra have not even thought about what is the harm of learning other language?

Most Taxi drivers in Delhi speak Hindi, most rikshaw wallahs in Bengal speak bengali, most of the local vendors, cabbies in UP, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan speak local language. Same is the case with all southern states. Whats wrong if same is expected from cabbies in Maharashtra?

Moreover it is law passed in 1989..

If you travel to italy and try and speak hindi will it work ? If you want to work in italy you will try and learn italian since it will make your life easy.
If someone stays in maharashtra for 15 years and can not speak local language and driving taxi how it will work?
Before spitting out venom why dont these people even think?

Some are very irritating comments and even people from southern india are commenting against talking local language.. I think this is totally hypocritical. If you go to madras and speak in hidi to the rikshaw driver he wont even bother looking at it.

I am not supporting what MNS is doing but at the same time if you are working in other states whats wrong learning the local language?

No one raised issue when Karnatak CM makde kannad compulsary

Then why media makes it a issue when things happen in mumbai.

As far as UP and biharis are concerned they are not ill treated for their language but the things they spoil where they go. It is not only in maharashtra but Assaam, Orisa, Tamilnadu, Karnatak even delhi and hariyana.
Bodos kill hindi speaking labourers, ULFAs does same then do these mahan netas even bother to comment? Few days ago there was agitation against biharis in haryana. I dont recollect that I read news about Nitish kumar and chaara ghotala king lalu sending letter to PM? Otr is it just not published?
When something happens in mumbai all Timesofindia, indian express immediately start raising the issue like this is do or die situation.. Why? Is media biased?
I think yes, media is biased and media is hopeless.. They never raised issue about Ruchika or why bloody SPS rathore was given only 6 months sentence, never uttered word about china encroaching arunachal day by day, infact one newspaper was even patronizing Pakistani players for IPL..


Abu Azami incident and it’s aftermath

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Abu azami was taking oath in hindi language and people who insisted he should take oath in the language where he is elected from from, Marathi mal-handled him.
Until this it is OK, but after that 4 MLAs are suspended for 4 years and all there are riots on the road..
Are these riots going to help pave the road for “Marathi” in the state? Or is this going to help Marathi people insist their point.
Is this going to help maharashtrian people to do more business or is this just a stunt..
This is going to make daily wage workers out of work for a day. samajwadi party’s gundas in bombay (bhivandi) area stopped the local train and lots of travellers were stranded.
There were few incidents all over Maharashtra where MNS activists stopped the State and local transport buses, trains and pelted stones.
Is this going to bring back harmony between marathi and hindi controversy.
Is this even a fu**ing solution to stop all the traffic and local businesses?
how about all the arrested people are forced to work and reimburse the costs. What if there would have been loss of life? Should all these anti social elements be shot dead?
I would support it.
Abu Azami and Raj thakrey need to think about people who they work for.
This definitely shows adamant nature of Abu Azami. He is ridiculous. Well what do you expect from Samajwadi party goons.

I wonder where shivsena were. According to them it was their agenda hijacked by MNS

I digged on the net about these two characters Abu azami and Raj Thakrey.
Abu Azami is from Azamgarh, UP and came to mumbai 40 years back. He was convicted in 93 bomb blast.. There had been persistent allegations that Azmi is linked to Dawood Ibrahim.
This is pretty serious… he should have been shot dead by now for the known links with world terrorist Dawood. I am sure he is at mercy of great Judicial system in india.
so he is known gunda and natural alliance of Samajwadi Party.

Raj Thakrey is nephew of Balasaheb Thakrey and started his political career from Shiv sena and formed own party MNS. He has serious allegations of murder as well. So he and Abu Azmi as a character are not very different, I guees.
Thats how most of the people in politics are in India.

I still do not understand why Abu Azami was insisting to take oath in hindi than in marathi which is the language of the people he is going to “work” for as a MLA.
This would definitely be not allowed in Tamilnadu or Kerala or any sensible southern state.
I think this is just another stunt. He was slapped and he should have been.
How the heck Abu azami was allowed to fight elections with serious allegations like links with bomb blast and dawood. now he is legislator. wow.. this sure can happen only india.
He is been in mumbai for 40 years and can not speak the local language this is pretty dumb.

One thing always puzzled me that why hindi is our national language, certainly not hindi in south. why not Tamil or even Marathi.
Quite interesting aspect at

Truth about forming a government (in India)

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From the latest vidhansabha elections held in Maharashtra, so called most progressive state following anomalies are observed.

No matter which party wins all they care about making money for themselves. These bastards are elected by people for public service but what do we see that they care about which ministry the can get.
What the f**k !! I mean all they want home ministry or mining ministry or any “special” ministry so they can do more corruption and gather more money.
All these a**holes should be shot dead. They do not deserve even a single penny.

There is drought declared in Maharashtra, farmers are committing suicides everyday, severe shortage of electricity, water shortage, drinking water shortage, jobs are going to other states and these newly elected bastards are interested only in special ministries.
So called chief minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan instead of addressing these issues, is doing pooja of SatyaSaibaba who does nothing but some cheap tricks to amuse people.
Bloody lame bastard. Is he going to generate electricity and water for Maharashtra??

More or less same story is everywhere. Once these political people become minister they want their children and siblings in the ministry so all of the family can do corruption.

I am why india is becoming hell.. Since political parties have no will to do any development..

Sooner or later fu**ing Pakistan will take Kashmir, china will gulp arunachal if not all north east and Bangladeshi fu**ers will take bengal and Great Indian politicians will do nothing..
since they dont give a f**k what happens to india..

only one option “Leave India” if you get a chance and if you dont then it’s your bad luck..