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Where is India heading???

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“More than 40 per cent of Assam is now Muslim, mainly immigrant settlers.”
“Pakistani flags in three places in Assam”
“ABVP students protest in Kolkata against Bangladeshi immigrants”
“36 Bangladeshis arrested in Delhi”
“Don’t worry if you get caught in India. The Indian state will provide you lawyers, human rights organisations would go to town chanting that your human rights have been violated; political parties would claim persecution of a minority community; the media will scream intelligence failure; and finally the judge would throw out the case for lack of reliable evidence. So relax”

Where does that leave our beloved India??
I think we moving towards disaster. Government is not doing anything. no controls.  Human Rights Organizations dare to voice the concerns of terrorists only in India.
We just watch.
How many days this will go on?
Why can not eunuch government act on it?
Home minister is on the mercy of party leader. That means he is not even eligible.
Police and judicial system take bribes.
Inspector Pradip Sharma, who grobbed 5000 crore of wealth by shooting gangsters for another gang and Soumitra Sen in cash-for-judge scam, are the best exmaples.
So “law and order” is out of order.

Government, half of the MPs and MLAs are criminals them selves or helping criminal activities in their constituency..
Latest is to woo the votebank Lalu yadav, mulayam yadav and paswan say SIMI is innocent. Do these bastards have slightest idea what SIMI is about and what they are doing?

If India fails as democracy (which it is failing any way) it is solely due to politicians and lack of their will power.

ISI infiltrates in J&K every day.
Pakistan army breaks cease-fire almost every day.
We just loose our men. We waste more money on security. We loose our innocent citizens in bomb blasts.

What for? Who is respoinsible for this?

Why we have to suffer for wrong decisions and loop holes in legal system and corrupt police, politicians and may be army.

Where will this end?


The Downfall of India has begun….

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , on August 11, 2008 by indiawellwisher
Looking at current situation I don’t think any other outside force is needed to expedite India’s downfall, our politicians are capable.
Look at the news in last few days (indexed by most shocking manner)
1. Lalu & Mulayam bats for SIMI – When SIMI is known extremist organization, alleged to be responsible for gujrat bombs ( july 2008 ) and many others. These low life politicians are touting such organization for votes. Why cant (useless and hopeless) judicial system ban on Lalu and Mulayam. Simply disgusting.
2. Mayawati to put up more of her statues – One of the most irritating politician who claims that she is messiah of Dalits and one of the corrupt politician is installing her statues all over UP.. Why?? Is she inspiration to all India? She had been doing dirty politics on the basis of caste and dividing India more. She had been accused of accepting bribe in Taj Corridor case and impeached later on. What inspiration should people take from her; corruption? bullying? gundagardi? or dirty politics based on caste?
3. Even God cannot save this country: SC – Disappointed Supreme Court today said while slamming the Government for its refusal to amend the law for launching criminal prosecution against those who illegally occupy official houses. IF the supreme court is saying this then what about commoner. People in India are just too tolerant. Most of the time they do not have choice. Things are decided by thugs in assemblies. These thugs squat the good locationed government accommodations and then never leave.
4. ‘cash-for-vote’ scandal – Ridiculous. These bunch of bastards represent India. Unbearable.
5. 2.69 lakh suspected Bangladeshis chargesheeted – It just shows we can not even keep our borders secure. not sure what military/BSF is doing. I wont be surprised if they take few thousand rupees bribe to let bangladeshi or pakistani illegal infiltrators to enter in India. I wont blame them. When all the nations’ shameless “representatives” are making money using their powers why not jawans who are working in dangerous borders. When and where would they earn money.
6. Other than this if you open news paper you will lots of news of teen age girls being molested or raped. Most of the time rapists walk away with only few years of regression imprisonment. What a pity on law and order situation.
Baby girls abandoned because they are girls. Kidnappings for “fund raising”. Builders oppressing middle class buyers.
All these things are worsening India’s situation. Sometimes I tend to believe democracy, law and order in India is failing. Politicians are not working for India, they are working for their own growth and for the money. They are dividing India on the basis of religion and castes.