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Where is India heading???

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , , , , on October 7, 2008 by indiawellwisher

“More than 40 per cent of Assam is now Muslim, mainly immigrant settlers.”
“Pakistani flags in three places in Assam”
“ABVP students protest in Kolkata against Bangladeshi immigrants”
“36 Bangladeshis arrested in Delhi”
“Don’t worry if you get caught in India. The Indian state will provide you lawyers, human rights organisations would go to town chanting that your human rights have been violated; political parties would claim persecution of a minority community; the media will scream intelligence failure; and finally the judge would throw out the case for lack of reliable evidence. So relax”

Where does that leave our beloved India??
I think we moving towards disaster. Government is not doing anything. no controls.  Human Rights Organizations dare to voice the concerns of terrorists only in India.
We just watch.
How many days this will go on?
Why can not eunuch government act on it?
Home minister is on the mercy of party leader. That means he is not even eligible.
Police and judicial system take bribes.
Inspector Pradip Sharma, who grobbed 5000 crore of wealth by shooting gangsters for another gang and Soumitra Sen in cash-for-judge scam, are the best exmaples.
So “law and order” is out of order.

Government, half of the MPs and MLAs are criminals them selves or helping criminal activities in their constituency..
Latest is to woo the votebank Lalu yadav, mulayam yadav and paswan say SIMI is innocent. Do these bastards have slightest idea what SIMI is about and what they are doing?

If India fails as democracy (which it is failing any way) it is solely due to politicians and lack of their will power.

ISI infiltrates in J&K every day.
Pakistan army breaks cease-fire almost every day.
We just loose our men. We waste more money on security. We loose our innocent citizens in bomb blasts.

What for? Who is respoinsible for this?

Why we have to suffer for wrong decisions and loop holes in legal system and corrupt police, politicians and may be army.

Where will this end?