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Media Failure in Mumbai attacks..

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , , , , on November 30, 2008 by indiawellwisher

We all saw the live coverage of mumbai terror attacks.
In hoards of showing sensational news these media idiots have forgotten the fact that those bastard and eunuch terrorists are watching TV and planning their next move..
Becasuse of this over enthusiasm we lost 16 great police officers and commandos.
Can these new channel be punished?? or is that averting the “freedom of speech.

For one, the mainstream media appears to have taken the approach of “shock and shake”, as opposed to verifying rumors before reporting them.”

Is the loss of lives be justified, due plans of terrorists after watching bloody live / “aankho dekha haal” teelecast.

Is it time to control media and give them a sermon of jounalism?? Is it time to take the reins of media in their control?

Annoyingly Sihvraj “eunuch” patil was giving televised interview (again !!!) and disclosing that commandos are being sent etc.. Why ???? cant this dog keep mum for a while?

The news channels were crossing their moral boundaries regarding the security of the nation. Some firm steps will have to be taken to stop this type of broadcasting in the future. The reporters were shouting like they were reporting a cricket match.

We have seen media misbehaving badly in numerous cases.
I remember during ghatkopar blasts some channels were showing the inflated numbers of deaths and nmber of bombs exploded.
Latest is RAj Thakrey and his flash fighting of words..
No media yet has bothered to interview Mr. Raj Thakrey or Uddhav Thakrey or Baal Thakrey and ask them when terrorists were ravaging mumbai and its icons where were they??

Will media take the interviews of the people who helped terrorists and divulge some of “their” secrets?

I am sure media will show past lives of lost heroes but they have to understand it is because of irresponsible media death toll had risen…


Thoughts About Rahul Raj killing in mumbai

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , on October 31, 2008 by indiawellwisher

I am just Common man making my living in another state than my home state.
I have simpathy with Rahul Raj’s family but few things are intriguing me.

1. Why rahul had to hijack bus if he had some nasty business with Raj Thakrey
2. If he is from common family how did he get hold of gun
3. If he did not kill even a bird how come he fired bullets indiscriminantly. One of which wounded bus passenger
4. How on earth his act is supported by politicians. Does that mean politicians in bihar support violence and violent acts.
5. What is more shocking is reading the comments on common web sites like sify. He had been already tagged a “martyr”. How is this possible in educated world?
6. Why Raj Thakrey is keeping mum on this? Why our proactive media channels is not qustioning Raj Tahkrey on this?
7. Media is giving the issue so much coverage that instead of buildng minds across states it is creating rift between them. Are we on the brink of civil war?
Media had given similar coverage, ofcourse unnecssary in Aarushi murder case.
8. Why there is outcry on killing of some man who had gun in his hand and injured two. Police did not know he was bihari before they killed him. The picture is being potrayed by bihari spineless politicians is completely wrong. Police did follow the process of warning him and then tok action. Had it been some real militant and killed few people, will these politicians would have shown any sympathy or congratulated to police?

9. Is Raj thakarey making him politically “visible” or he is really troubled with outsiders making mess of Mumbai?

10. A good project for Raj Thakarey could have been to remove bloody Illegal Bangladeshis, who are blasting now every single state, from India. These Bangladeshis are going to make havoc in India if not controlled now. Everybody in india who do not care about politics and vote banks would have supported Raj for his move.

More things to be added..

Hooligans and mob mentality

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , on January 5, 2008 by indiawellwisher

It has been displayed in at many occasions in “incredible India“..
Latest mass molestation is one of the best example..
It happened in mumbai, kolkata as per the news but there might be many unreported crimes..

The worst part is those who arrested got the bail.. Why?
How come this hideous crime got the bail.

And what is the possibility those who get convicted will get imprisonment??

If you ask any commoner you will get the answer as NO.

Since we Indians are becoming forgetful about the crimes, reason being there are many..
The state of judicial and law systems are worsening.

Mob crimes makes feel secure to the people who commit the crime. Because not a particular person can be identified.

Only the urge for not to do any bad thing will help us..
Selfdiscipline, selfawareness, noble thinking is the only solution.

Disturbing year end in mumbai

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , , on January 2, 2008 by indiawellwisher

What a shame. Mob of 80 “MEN” molested 2 ladies on new year..

India where men are supposed to guard women and are molesting them in a mob…

What a bunch of eunuch and hopeless people.

More disturbing was police was reluctant to register the complaint.. Where are we heading.. Law enforcers are relctuant to protect law..

would it be a fault of persons accompanying the girls, shot dead few of the molesting people?
I dont think so..
The people who lost their morale and in doing this heinous crime should not be spared in any case. There is no difference between animals and these lowlife people. Infact sometimes animals are sensible.
We do not need this filth in india.
Somebody has to punish these people..
Police say they will try to identify the people using photographs which journalists had taken.
But how? Or is just to give the commoner sense of relief.

Traditionally police never intervene unless they are forced to or there is something beneficial to them.

On the same day there was a news that Lalu’s 2 sons were beaten by the mob for eve-teasing..
this was certainly a very pleasing news..

It is sign that people are becoming aware of the anti social behavior. The siblings or children of politicians or rich brats think that they can get away with any thing.

Which is true in a way since it has been proved all along in india.
This is now poised to change.

Hope india will be ideal place to live on day.