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Madhu Koda..

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , on November 5, 2009 by indiawellwisher

I tried lot not to swear but after reading story of this motherfu**er Madhu koda I have no words than swear words for him.
Zarkhand has lots of adivasi and poor population and huge natural resource

Illegal transactions’ evidence clearly shows how an elected politician, who had promised to wipe out poverty from the state, plundered its coffer for his and his acquaintances interests. Few believe though, that he would be punished thoroughly. Instead, they expect him to use his political lineage and clout to save his skin and the files will soon bite the dust.
How irritating.
politicians have used their clout to plunder the natural wealth, leaving people of Zarkhand to struggle for basic amenities like power, water, roads, education and dwelling.

Is this corruption crime as bad as rape?? I think so.. Should all involved be given death penalty?? I would definitely support it.

I can corelate why there is struggle to get importatnt ministries in Maharashtra..

Just withing 1 year and 10 month this Madhu bastard Koda manage to “earn” 4000 crores !!! He has investments in various countries from thialnd to African nations..
Bastard Madhu Koda had invested US$ 17 lakhs in purchase of mines in Liberia…

How the heck this is possible. Commoner work all his life and manages hardly few lakhs.. And this bastard amassed 1 billion dollars worth wealth !!! How ???

Natuarlly he is in Apollo hospital for chest pain and he knows judicial system can not do any thing. He will live life as he used to.. amassing more money.
He will have to pay bribes to judges, police and political parties..

No wonder india is becoming a shithole place.


Truth about forming a government (in India)

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , on November 3, 2009 by indiawellwisher

From the latest vidhansabha elections held in Maharashtra, so called most progressive state following anomalies are observed.

No matter which party wins all they care about making money for themselves. These bastards are elected by people for public service but what do we see that they care about which ministry the can get.
What the f**k !! I mean all they want home ministry or mining ministry or any “special” ministry so they can do more corruption and gather more money.
All these a**holes should be shot dead. They do not deserve even a single penny.

There is drought declared in Maharashtra, farmers are committing suicides everyday, severe shortage of electricity, water shortage, drinking water shortage, jobs are going to other states and these newly elected bastards are interested only in special ministries.
So called chief minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan instead of addressing these issues, is doing pooja of SatyaSaibaba who does nothing but some cheap tricks to amuse people.
Bloody lame bastard. Is he going to generate electricity and water for Maharashtra??

More or less same story is everywhere. Once these political people become minister they want their children and siblings in the ministry so all of the family can do corruption.

I am why india is becoming hell.. Since political parties have no will to do any development..

Sooner or later fu**ing Pakistan will take Kashmir, china will gulp arunachal if not all north east and Bangladeshi fu**ers will take bengal and Great Indian politicians will do nothing..
since they dont give a f**k what happens to india..

only one option “Leave India” if you get a chance and if you dont then it’s your bad luck..