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Media Failure in Mumbai attacks..

Posted in Current indian affairs with tags , , , , , , , on November 30, 2008 by indiawellwisher

We all saw the live coverage of mumbai terror attacks.
In hoards of showing sensational news these media idiots have forgotten the fact that those bastard and eunuch terrorists are watching TV and planning their next move..
Becasuse of this over enthusiasm we lost 16 great police officers and commandos.
Can these new channel be punished?? or is that averting the “freedom of speech.

For one, the mainstream media appears to have taken the approach of “shock and shake”, as opposed to verifying rumors before reporting them.”

Is the loss of lives be justified, due plans of terrorists after watching bloody live / “aankho dekha haal” teelecast.

Is it time to control media and give them a sermon of jounalism?? Is it time to take the reins of media in their control?

Annoyingly Sihvraj “eunuch” patil was giving televised interview (again !!!) and disclosing that commandos are being sent etc.. Why ???? cant this dog keep mum for a while?

The news channels were crossing their moral boundaries regarding the security of the nation. Some firm steps will have to be taken to stop this type of broadcasting in the future. The reporters were shouting like they were reporting a cricket match.

We have seen media misbehaving badly in numerous cases.
I remember during ghatkopar blasts some channels were showing the inflated numbers of deaths and nmber of bombs exploded.
Latest is RAj Thakrey and his flash fighting of words..
No media yet has bothered to interview Mr. Raj Thakrey or Uddhav Thakrey or Baal Thakrey and ask them when terrorists were ravaging mumbai and its icons where were they??

Will media take the interviews of the people who helped terrorists and divulge some of “their” secrets?

I am sure media will show past lives of lost heroes but they have to understand it is because of irresponsible media death toll had risen…