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Consume less than buying pricy sugar

Posted in 1 with tags , , , , , on February 7, 2010 by indiawellwisher

Consume less sugar ??

IS this f**king remedy on sugar price? how can someone from ruling party make such ridiculous statement..
What a shameless bastards these are..
The same analogy can be applied to their back money.. If they have so much money why they are looting people…
There is definitely nexus between dalals and ministers.. these dallas must be bribing ministers for not releasing grain quota from government warehouses and infalting grain prices to skim off profits..
What a shame.. I feel like bashing these ministers in public by chappal..


“I don’t know what the fuss is about. As in the case of sugarcane, the concept was to allow hybrid jowar growers with irrigation facilities to manufacture liquid alcohol for industrial and other purposes,” he says.
This is the statement of great spineless forlorn shithead Vilasrao deshmukh.. even after getting bloody nose on the issue of using grain for alcohol he is still touting it.. why?
Because he must have given licenses to his close relatives.. Can this a**hole give guarantee that this alcohol will be used only for industrial purpose?
Should he not take a look at the grain prices and inverse proportion of grain stock availability and price.. but alas !! india is riddled by such politicians who just care about their own wealth..
Wasn’t there allegation of vilas Deshmukh deliberately wanted to get the works contract of Rs.20 billion-worth project for Indiabulls. Indiabulls realty is owned by Amit deshmukh and has stake of Ahmed patel.
No wonder it is getting so many infra projects.. so ultimately this bastard is siphoning money from government in his own pocket..
Shame on india..
It is happening everywhere in india.. all politicians have setup or hold stake in the companies which do government work and “earn” the money..
Is someone claim that india will be superpower then that person needs reality check and may be mental check as well.
It is never going to happen..