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A sensible comment in TOI : Popat Shinde’s modus operandi – well done

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shyaam.madkholkar (trinidad)
1 hr ago (07:44 PM)
Popat Shinde is unnecessarily projected as a Mafia Kingpin. He is actually a small cog in the large Oil Racket. Dhulia, Manmad belt has largest No. of Kerosene licences besides a few fake Petro Industries. Shinde was a low end operater without any Political Affiliation, he controls about 100 tankers out of 300 that leave the Fuel Depot everyday. Each Tanker has the capacity of 12,000 ltrs. split in four compartments of 3000 ltrs each, nomally one compartment i,e, 3000 ltrs is Gasolene and the other three are Diesel. Now Shinde Modus Operendi: He used to take out 5 cans of Gasolene of 22 ltrs. each and replace it with three cans of kerosene, the other two cans were written off as evaporation losses. Similarly the same process was applied with Diesel too, the profits from poerations were over Rs. 5,000 per tanker or Rs.5,00,000 for 100 tankers per day for roughly 24 days a month, thats a whooping 1cr. 20 lacs. Out of which nearly 40 to 50% was payoff to various Govt. babus. At every election time Political parties pestered Shinde for huge amount of Money, where he had no alternative but to cough up. Off late, Babus were getting more and more greedy and had resorted to twist the arm policies, leaving Shinde extremely stressed up. Sonawane episode was the result. All the people arrested after the incidence in various raids are Drivers and Cleaners, while the large oprerators like ANTIM TOTLA are still at large and will remain at large!

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