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MPs reward their own; grant free air travel to kin

So it is official now.. These worthless MPs will travel all around with their families and kins on taxpayer’s money..
Common tax payer is going to foot their bill..
What a irony..
Isn’t this sign of massive failure in indian so called “democracy”
Travelling for business purpose is fine but where does their relatives and kons fit in?
And we all know these bastard MPs have enough money to travel any where..
What is the possibility that they will not misuse this facility. I am 1000000% certain they will.
Every law is misused and no one can not stop it. If someone files a petition in the court against it, either that person’s life will be in danger and sterile judicial system can not stop the passed legislation in parliament..
Why, why we only in India politicians rule.. May be it is wishful thinking, but kasab the pig should have killed some of these absolute hopeless politicians than killing common people who barely earn to meet their ends… or afzal guru.
Shit india.. and I spit on our parliament..


News paper news quality

It is almost embarassing to read Times of india in the office.
Front page news has hideous skinny bikini photos with title “Kingfisher Calendar 2010” and articles with titles
Hottest Kamasutra sex positions to tempt!

* Nervous in Bed?
* X-Mas recipes for a grand party
* Is falling in love too fast risky?

Is this news paper or porno magazine? Where is the f**king editor? what is he doing..


Kasab continues to deny 26/11 charges for third day

So here we go again.. We had a choice to hang him when he admitted the charges..
In the show of Great Judicial system we gave him lawyer who screwed the case even badly..
Now this pig is denying all the charges.. He must have been studying how to manipulate already screwed up judicial system..
Here justice is never done.. well thats a lie.. it is done if you pay bribes to judges, use very expensive lawyer, do out of court settlement.. then within 20 years you will get justice..
this bastard should have hanged by now and our napunsak (one which can not reproduce) is provide all facilities and lawyers to him.
What a shame.. I spit on indian system.. I hope one day people will take the law in their hands themselves and kill him without bloody court and givernment deciding..


Condolences to the families who lost someone in 26/11 attacks.

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It is disheartening to see how families are coping up wihtout their loved ones. If some family lost bread winner then it is even beyond thoughts how they are surviving.
My heart cries to those who lost father/mother or beloved sibling.. My blood races and feel like killing everyone who was involved..
Including our politicians, parted police force, criminal networks who helped pakistani militants to survey and decide locations, civil servants who are helping militants to get passports and visas to india.
What happened in year after attacks.. nothing has moved..
Bastard Kasab is enjoying Biryani and full protection at taxpayers’ money. His dead fellow pigs are in morgue preserved for nothing. Postmartem reports for brave police like Karkare, salaskar are confusing and took almost year.
Idiot Pakistan and its rulers is still alleging that india gave no evidence.
After elections similar politicians arae in power. Spineless and shameless Vilasrao deshmukh was CM aspirant again. He is now putting blame on civil servants as well, which is probably only sensible truth he said.
So nothing has moved. Those who had to live are living.. somehow managing.. with thinking of the lost loved ones.. remembering them everyday.. With no hope of justice..
Where is our media who helped paki bastards in attacks by showing the locations and NSG tactics.. Why cant they surface these issues and create a movement against culprits.. Where is their enthusiasm..

I believe nothing will happen.. Kasab like a**hole will enjoy hospitality of indian govenment for years.. common people will continue to suffer.. politicians are any way reluctant to make any progress.. I hope this will not give confidence to terrorists that come to india, create havoc and then live rest of life enjoying indian hospitality..

Shame on indian politics, shame on indian judicial system and shame on red tape..

Well done.. We managed to create Lame India image in the world..

India can win the Nobel prize for filth: Ramesh

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At last.. minister, legislator admitted that India can win Nobel for filth..
Look at calcutta – highly polluted and one of the dirtiest cities.
Gurgaon, patna, lucknow, bangalore, mumbai, hyderabad, chennai infact most of india.. If this is the “hall” of metros we should not even go to rural areas..
poor sanitation facilities and waste disposal.. ZERO recycling facilities.. high pollution..
No wonder social activists found lot of work in india..

Things what spiritual babas can do

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All they do is produce gold rings and coins out of thin air.. If the ring is free why dont they create thousands of gold rings and medicines and give them to needy..
They should try these things as well

1. produce water in drought hit areas
2. Cure diseases
3. Teach pakistani political bastards to love india and give up militancy
4. Teach indian political a**holes to work for people not for themselves
5. Use their devotee power to do something practical (build dams, plant trees) than doing dhyaan and prayers to the god who expects them to work than doing prayers sitting on cushion.

Same applies to political parties. They should try and do something constructive..

but none of this will ever happen. since babas (like asaram bapu, sudhanshu, manoahr etc etc endless list) will give something to their devotees only. not to common people.
Nothing but barter trade.

Heard satya sai baba did few good things (free hospital, free schools, dam) so I dont have that harsh opinion about him but never heard others do anything than preaching..

Still.. if they have power to gather mob why not do something useful.. Devotees are really clever, the hear all the preachings pay dakshina/chanda to baba and continue their routine..

26 nov attack – what happened to Kasab???

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It will be year for 26 th Nov. What happened the sole survived pig, Kasab..
Nothing.. He is in jail enjoying indian hospitality.. people who died might be waiting for compensation.. spineless politicians are again in power.. Bastard kasab has been given lawyer by our great judicial system to prove that there is justice in india… fu**ing idiots.. instead of putting 2 bullets in his head we are spending millions on that a**hole’s protection.. pig has been complaining about food and his living conditions..

Hemant Karkare’s bullet proof jacket has been stolen..

This is not only the embarrassment for police system but all india..
Unfortunately there is plague of hindi vs. local languages.. Abu Azami like pain in the backside people are reviving old burried things..

Thankfully terror exporter Pakistan in on the verge of collapse and will go down without any external help… they will get the fruits of the tree they planted..

And what about people who lost lives in terror attacks.. what about the people who lost their solw food earner??

Nothing.. because this is fu**ing india where government is fighing for own survival.. MLAs are fighting for high paying ministries..

Now almost every state has some form of terrorism..Is this work government did..

shameless government and lame opposition..

those who are in power are getting richer and who are in opposition are doing extortion.. One is “official” money making business another is illegal..

Do they care about droughts.. do they care about farmers committing suicides.. have they ever thought about moving borders inwards from china..
Bangladeshi Infiltration.. thefts and rapes.. diminishing chances of higher education of poor people..

Answer no..

Are there any hopes.. NO..
Is there any future.. NO..

Start of disintegration !!

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If you read what Abu Azami is blabbering it sounds like this is start of disintegration on the basis of spoken language and caste..
To woo votes for a particular religon this idiot is gabbling on Babri masjid and hindi and religon.
Rats like him is the shit in india which will lead india to horrific annihilation..
We all want to and now almost forgetting turbulent past of early 90s.. and this pig is reviving old wound..

The convicted goon in 92 bomb blasts wins the parliamentary seat and makes speaches in public… This can happen only in India..

If you get a chance move away from India.. save yourself..

Obtaining Indian Passport

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Police helped Pak spy to get indian passports.. Read this..
For a common man to get passport you have to go to police “enquiry” which is nothing but avenue to get bribe and exploit need of common person.
In metrocities delhi, bangalore, mumbai, chennai, hyd even tier 2 cities like kochi and pune you have to atleast 700 INR bribe to make you clear from your local police station.
Once you pay bribe police do not even care who you are.. no wonder we have lots of bangladeshi and pakistani people “coming” to india and getting passport.
I read, in UK there are bangaladeshi/balti restaurants and “indian” people working there tell that they are from Assam.. How ridiculous..
It must be bit difficult for pakistani and bangladeshi people to go to western countries due “reputation” of their own country.
So simplest thing must be is to “obtain” passport from india. Ofcource we have very “capable” police to force to help them.
If police refuse to help then infiltrators become vote bank of certain party and the party leaders make the issue of these things, do caste and religon based dirty politics and just to keep away bad publicity police has to give them all clear.
I have never heard of such a wonderful use of politics.

There is lot of infiltration in Assam from bangladesh and over years it has been “ignored”.. And see what has happened.. There will be one day in india where a common man has no choice but to live as what system dictates.. And one day there will be revolution where existing political system will be terminated by the common people.