– “CWG scam: Kalmadi aides Darbari, Mahendroo arrested”. Will kalmadi,s. dixit ever get arrested..catching rats wont help. catch the cat.
– CBI is making a show by arresting rats like darbari and mahendroo.. masterminds like Kalmadi,dixit can easily slip away thru the nets.
– If motherF CWG scamsters get arrested, our fuking gr8 court will give them bail and they’ll be free for rest of the life.
– Instead of arresting kalmadi,Raja,Pawar,Modi,Patel,Deepak kapoor CBI should have rights to encounter them. Please CLEAN india..
– “Minister wanted Rs 15 crore to allow us aviation entry: Ratan Tata”. Hon. Tata should name him and public MUST boot the minister.
– “Tension in Raja’s hometown”.. must be.. afterall the gaon ka chhora made its name all over india by being a fuking thief.
– “Has NIA filed independent case against me: Kasab asks HC”. pig kasab is not wrong.. our fuking useless system showed him the way to mend.
– “Govt to take strong action against corruption: Rahul Gandhi”.. Ghannnnnnta.. haramkhor bhiakri.. any party can not run without corruption.
– “Why criminal case should not be filed against Arudhati Roy: HC to Delhi Govt”.. True.. Since delhi govt is useless you should take charge
– “Pakistani Hizbul terrorist arrested in Delhi” – he is been living here for last 10 years.. So what was police doing? taking brobes from him happily and letting him stay? Where is now loose cannon Rahul Gandhi to talk about the lapses shown by country’s police and nationa security system?
– AICC as the “All India Corruption Committee” ?? Really? do they reach to any conclusion?
– Madhu koda, Ashok khavan, Yediyuruappa these are/were CMs for the state. I will be 100 rupees if they get convicted.. This is India man.. Money can buy anything here. Lives, Justice anything..
– A. Raja you have shown the appetite for corruption. You are truely hero of corrupts bastards.
– Shiv Sena is in power in BMC, right. What are they doing to eradicate slums from city? Or is it just vote banks they care about. Shiv sena has downsized from national party to reigonal after uddhav has taken over. Opposing dynasty in politics and hypocritically creating one in shiv sena
– Even after so many corruption charges Narayan Rane will become revenue minister again.. well what do you expect in indian politics.. He must be giving lots of “funding” to the party.


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