Will the guilty be punished?

No.. never.. guilty politicians getting punished has it EVER happened in india.. Lets go back to hovitzer,harshad mehta,tahelka to CWG, adarsh housing soc..
It seems it is right of politicians to do the scam and then proclaim innocence.. Court and judicial system is exitinct and that seem to help in favour of criminals than commoners.
Common man do not want to go to court.. not definitely against the politician who does not have only law and order with him but also criminals “helping” him. Belief on justice has gone already.
These people do know how to bend the law.
If you remember the case of whistle blower satish shetty, he got killed by some “unidentified” men. We all know who those people were. Working for Talegaon,Pune based builder but no one is coming forward to claim that.
And if someone files a case in the court then whats the guarantee of his life? Will court take it?
The gangerous nexus between politician and mafia is not only ruining india but taking india back to stone age.. Who ever has muscle power will make the law..
Even after dawood like hideous criminals made havoc in india (from 92 to 2010) even after that how many police and politicians attend his parties?
Are they ever even indicted for that? Abu Azami like bas**rds openly deny the charges.

Tell me, why did we fight for independence.. What was wrong with British rule? They used to make people heavy taxes so does current regime.
With regret I have to say india is the best example of failed democracy.


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