Show black flags to Rahul: Bal Thackeray

and what will that achieve balasaheb? will it help stopping suicides of farmers, make poor people both ends meet, stop flooding in mumbai or clean the mumbai. it is your political stunt.. rahul and niether north indian political leaders will not stop spewing venom against you and maharashtra..
What did shiv sena do when they were in power.. unfortunately uddhav is ruining sena completely. Shiv sena lost all agendas and they are beating drums on absolutely anything.
I am no supporting rahul who is trying to divide army on the basis of state. Why he had to say that? Just because there are elections coming in bihar and he wants to topple the BJP coalition led government there? What a twat.
He is divind people who are already divded on the basis of language and state.
Why could not he talk to rising prices and lapses in security which led to henious attack of 26/11. Why can not he speak about law and order deterioration in bihar..

These politician are going to ruin india..
And media is absolutely hopeless. As soon as raj or bal takrey speaks pro local and pro marathi they start beating drums as if india has been attacked. And what about now. Is Rahul gandhi not dividing the nation ?

Bloody media. bastards will do anything to get the news. Just to increase their TRP rating they will do anything. They are not interested in pakistani miscreants meeting in PoK. they are not worried about student suicides. they just want tabloids..


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