MPs reward their own; grant free air travel to kin

So it is official now.. These worthless MPs will travel all around with their families and kins on taxpayer’s money..
Common tax payer is going to foot their bill..
What a irony..
Isn’t this sign of massive failure in indian so called “democracy”
Travelling for business purpose is fine but where does their relatives and kons fit in?
And we all know these bastard MPs have enough money to travel any where..
What is the possibility that they will not misuse this facility. I am 1000000% certain they will.
Every law is misused and no one can not stop it. If someone files a petition in the court against it, either that person’s life will be in danger and sterile judicial system can not stop the passed legislation in parliament..
Why, why we only in India politicians rule.. May be it is wishful thinking, but kasab the pig should have killed some of these absolute hopeless politicians than killing common people who barely earn to meet their ends… or afzal guru.
Shit india.. and I spit on our parliament..


News paper news quality

It is almost embarassing to read Times of india in the office.
Front page news has hideous skinny bikini photos with title “Kingfisher Calendar 2010” and articles with titles
Hottest Kamasutra sex positions to tempt!

* Nervous in Bed?
* X-Mas recipes for a grand party
* Is falling in love too fast risky?

Is this news paper or porno magazine? Where is the f**king editor? what is he doing..


Kasab continues to deny 26/11 charges for third day

So here we go again.. We had a choice to hang him when he admitted the charges..
In the show of Great Judicial system we gave him lawyer who screwed the case even badly..
Now this pig is denying all the charges.. He must have been studying how to manipulate already screwed up judicial system..
Here justice is never done.. well thats a lie.. it is done if you pay bribes to judges, use very expensive lawyer, do out of court settlement.. then within 20 years you will get justice..
this bastard should have hanged by now and our napunsak (one which can not reproduce) is provide all facilities and lawyers to him.
What a shame.. I spit on indian system.. I hope one day people will take the law in their hands themselves and kill him without bloody court and givernment deciding..


6 Responses to “roundup”

  1. Mockery of Judicial System, a cheap and spinless character,there will be a day whne we have another kasab doing a same thing and i am sure there is a kasab in preparation.

  2. Airlia Schwarz Says:

    Interesting article. Were did you receive all the data from… 🙂

  3. Whats wrong with the xmas story??

    • indiawellwisher Says:

      nothing wrong with xmas story but it was just evident that near xmas so it was there..
      read this.. would you read this in office?

      # Chocolaty boys or feisty girls?
      # Is lust as important as love?
      # upskirt shots

      WTF ? would you read or see upskirt shots of freida pinto and shamita shetti (boooooooowk, sorry for vomit) in front of your family ? if not then why publish such porny stuff.. Times of india or times of porn?

  4. and just FYI Men dont reproduce only women can.. napunsak is better defined as impotent.. and stop blamin the media… its the average reader who is apathetic to serious news and wants kingfisher models on the front page.. journalists who provide serious news are told to either bring in more masala or leave… so dont blame the media … media and society go hand in hand

    • indiawellwisher Says:

      Your comments are vague.. This is not blog related to gender and who can reproduce.. I will blame it to madia for producing such low quality news and sympathizing kasab like pigs.
      There is hindi to english dictionary online for the word napunsak and refer that.
      And if journalists have been asked to bring kingfisher calendars than serious news then journalist should revolt against it, right.. after all its the journalist’s words which are being printed in the news. Should government cencor these newspaper content?
      To increase TRP rating and viewership these editors and news channels will do anything.

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