Things what spiritual babas can do

All they do is produce gold rings and coins out of thin air.. If the ring is free why dont they create thousands of gold rings and medicines and give them to needy..
They should try these things as well

1. produce water in drought hit areas
2. Cure diseases
3. Teach pakistani political bastards to love india and give up militancy
4. Teach indian political a**holes to work for people not for themselves
5. Use their devotee power to do something practical (build dams, plant trees) than doing dhyaan and prayers to the god who expects them to work than doing prayers sitting on cushion.

Same applies to political parties. They should try and do something constructive..

but none of this will ever happen. since babas (like asaram bapu, sudhanshu, manoahr etc etc endless list) will give something to their devotees only. not to common people.
Nothing but barter trade.

Heard satya sai baba did few good things (free hospital, free schools, dam) so I dont have that harsh opinion about him but never heard others do anything than preaching..

Still.. if they have power to gather mob why not do something useful.. Devotees are really clever, the hear all the preachings pay dakshina/chanda to baba and continue their routine..


One Response to “Things what spiritual babas can do”

  1. Check this ..

    Is this approved by teaching of Asaram??

    What a hypocrisy..

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