26 nov attack – what happened to Kasab???

It will be year for 26 th Nov. What happened the sole survived pig, Kasab..
Nothing.. He is in jail enjoying indian hospitality.. people who died might be waiting for compensation.. spineless politicians are again in power.. Bastard kasab has been given lawyer by our great judicial system to prove that there is justice in india… fu**ing idiots.. instead of putting 2 bullets in his head we are spending millions on that a**hole’s protection.. pig has been complaining about food and his living conditions..

Hemant Karkare’s bullet proof jacket has been stolen..

This is not only the embarrassment for police system but all india..
Unfortunately there is plague of hindi vs. local languages.. Abu Azami like pain in the backside people are reviving old burried things..

Thankfully terror exporter Pakistan in on the verge of collapse and will go down without any external help… they will get the fruits of the tree they planted..

And what about people who lost lives in terror attacks.. what about the people who lost their solw food earner??

Nothing.. because this is fu**ing india where government is fighing for own survival.. MLAs are fighting for high paying ministries..

Now almost every state has some form of terrorism..Is this work government did..

shameless government and lame opposition..

those who are in power are getting richer and who are in opposition are doing extortion.. One is “official” money making business another is illegal..

Do they care about droughts.. do they care about farmers committing suicides.. have they ever thought about moving borders inwards from china..
Bangladeshi Infiltration.. thefts and rapes.. diminishing chances of higher education of poor people..

Answer no..

Are there any hopes.. NO..
Is there any future.. NO..


One Response to “26 nov attack – what happened to Kasab???”

  1. congress has become the government of curruptiion and of the mean polics.

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