Obtaining Indian Passport

Police helped Pak spy to get indian passports.. Read this..
For a common man to get passport you have to go to police “enquiry” which is nothing but avenue to get bribe and exploit need of common person.
In metrocities delhi, bangalore, mumbai, chennai, hyd even tier 2 cities like kochi and pune you have to atleast 700 INR bribe to make you clear from your local police station.
Once you pay bribe police do not even care who you are.. no wonder we have lots of bangladeshi and pakistani people “coming” to india and getting passport.
I read, in UK there are bangaladeshi/balti restaurants and “indian” people working there tell that they are from Assam.. How ridiculous..
It must be bit difficult for pakistani and bangladeshi people to go to western countries due “reputation” of their own country.
So simplest thing must be is to “obtain” passport from india. Ofcource we have very “capable” police to force to help them.
If police refuse to help then infiltrators become vote bank of certain party and the party leaders make the issue of these things, do caste and religon based dirty politics and just to keep away bad publicity police has to give them all clear.
I have never heard of such a wonderful use of politics.

There is lot of infiltration in Assam from bangladesh and over years it has been “ignored”.. And see what has happened.. There will be one day in india where a common man has no choice but to live as what system dictates.. And one day there will be revolution where existing political system will be terminated by the common people.


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