Karnataka crisis

3 Reddy brothers created a typhoon in Karnatak BJP government. They have mounted a campaign to remove Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa. None of them want to become CM but they want to control government.
If you read more about these 3 borhters, 2 are in current ministry, one is tourism minister (G. Janardan reddy) and another is revenue minister (G. Karunakaran Reddy) and third is not in ministry but powerful MLA from bellari.
All 3 brother “made” money from mines. They are mining kings. Mining export in Karanataka is about eleven thousand crores so if these 3 politicans get even percentage of it, they can buy whole government and obviously make more money.

They are said to have wealth equivalent to shameless ex-CM od Zarkhand and scam master Madhu Koda.

These politicians earn thousands of crores of money in “poor” india.

It’s a shame that politicians make money while ignoring the task they are given. Actually previous statement is not true they look after the task and fill their coffers from the task grant leaving the beneficiaris in the same condition.
How bad is that.
When and where will it stop or will it? It has certainly gone beyond any control now since there is no control.


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