Madhu Koda..

I tried lot not to swear but after reading story of this motherfu**er Madhu koda I have no words than swear words for him.
Zarkhand has lots of adivasi and poor population and huge natural resource

Illegal transactions’ evidence clearly shows how an elected politician, who had promised to wipe out poverty from the state, plundered its coffer for his and his acquaintances interests. Few believe though, that he would be punished thoroughly. Instead, they expect him to use his political lineage and clout to save his skin and the files will soon bite the dust.
How irritating.
politicians have used their clout to plunder the natural wealth, leaving people of Zarkhand to struggle for basic amenities like power, water, roads, education and dwelling.

Is this corruption crime as bad as rape?? I think so.. Should all involved be given death penalty?? I would definitely support it.

I can corelate why there is struggle to get importatnt ministries in Maharashtra..

Just withing 1 year and 10 month this Madhu bastard Koda manage to “earn” 4000 crores !!! He has investments in various countries from thialnd to African nations..
Bastard Madhu Koda had invested US$ 17 lakhs in purchase of mines in Liberia…

How the heck this is possible. Commoner work all his life and manages hardly few lakhs.. And this bastard amassed 1 billion dollars worth wealth !!! How ???

Natuarlly he is in Apollo hospital for chest pain and he knows judicial system can not do any thing. He will live life as he used to.. amassing more money.
He will have to pay bribes to judges, police and political parties..

No wonder india is becoming a shithole place.


5 Responses to “Madhu Koda..”

  1. suraj chauhan Says:

    respected offoicials of incom tex dept,
    please bring back all the money from koda and his associates and use it for the benefit of farmers.

  2. Weird?
    You crib about Madhu Koda and his associates and assume nothing would happen to him and say that the system is corrupt; while the same system has caught up with him & now people are trying to dis-associate with him so chances of he getting saved is very less.
    You should be thanking the I-T department that they caught up with him so fast and are freezing his property & assets so that he can not use that money to save himself.
    Similar scams must be going on for years in other states which we will never know because even the IT dept is hand-in-hand.
    I guess you only want to use foul language to show some intensity & anger; I am sure there are other ways that you can try out 🙂

    • indiawellwisher Says:

      Good comments..
      I crib and I use foul language because thats the only thing commoner can do, right?
      Madhu koda was in hospital as soon as the enquiry started and trust me he will be in the hospital until enquiry is going on..

      You think I-T department had no clue until now? Remember I-T, police etc departments are governed by government. And who was government in his tenure as CM?

      I can give you many examples of ministers who did scams and have serious allegations like murder, extortion and still out, nothing happened to them and nothing will. from Shibu soren to Laloo yadav from Mayavati to Jaylalitha and from Chaagan bhujbal to bengali ministers.

      from the url given you seem to be in a builder business, you tell me have you abiding all the laws while errecting a building. No flase promises made to buyers. By law, rain water harvesting is compulsary are you doing that? I bet you will say yes.

      You suggested there are other ways to vent your anger out can you please suggest one?

  3. Simply Hang Him in presence of public….

  4. India is a failed democracy no matter how much false pride we feel in it!
    It’s time young people should hold guns and silently execute these bastards rather than waiting for justice for ever!

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