How MLAs are becoming land mafias – True story from Pune, Maharashtra, India

If you have recently read the news papers about Professor Natu’s residence being forcefully taken by congress corporator and known gunda Deepak Mankar.
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My blood just raced after reading this news. So this gunda tries to capture property in so called oxford of east and when prof. Natu went to police station they were reluctant to take even the complaint???
how the fu** it works? it can happen in only places where police are on payroll of gundas, gundas are connected to political party a.k.a. bigger gang of mafias and even if they are caught, they know judicial system is so corrupt that they can get away.
This gunda deepak mankar is allegedly in “contact” with many bastard builders to evacuate good properties. With gunda force they can forcibly acquire prime properties.
If caught he always has alibi of health, he will complain about chest pain or something like that and our rotten court will allows him to go to hospital and these sun of guns operate from hospital.
The case in court in such cases will take ages and will cost lots of monies for plaintiff. If they win there is no guarantee that they will get back their land/home or it will remain with them.

I am sure prof. Natu is brave enough to go to police and register the case but imagine a retired person living in big house, with death threats to his family he would have signed the deal.
But why should someone sell his house at other’s “wish”? since a**holes like deepak mankar are free. There is buyer for his crimes. Buyer in this case is builder who is “associated” with his gang.
In Pavanraje nimbalkar case Padmasinh Patil was buyer.

Why don’t our strong court has simple rules,

An eye for and eye
Death penalty for rapists if proven and convicted.
Death penalty for child abuses – there should not be any exceptions in this case.
Death penalty for mafias and his political connections
Death penalty for life in prison for all type of money embezzlement fraudsters e.g. Telagi and his political associates
Death penalty for life in prison for all accused in dawry cases
Breaking hands for Eve teasing

To avoid over crowding of prisons I think sending them to bloody pakistan is good idea 😉 They will die anyway with wither car bombs, malnutrition or cross fire between militants and pakistani army.

Police are playing no role in these cases for obvious reasons, they get paid.
I am sure you must have heard about gundas burning vehicles in nashik. These gundas were associated with one or other political parties.
Politicising crime and criminalization of politics seem to go hand in hand in india.

I really wish there will be a day when political bastards will fear for their own lives due to wrongdoings they had done in their political lives.

Unfortunately I have to say India has no future and should not even dream to become super power untill they fix system at home.

Brain drain is not happening automatically but it is being forced on educated folks. They dont want to become martyrs trying to raise the voice against these gundas. They know they will lose life for nothing.

There is one strong possibility, like admirable Nashik kars all commoners stand beside Prof. Natu not verbally, not morally but physically supportive and active against Gundas’ grabbing.
I wish these gundas who harness the weak & poor would get their legs broken by commoners.
Remember one gunda named Akku Yadav was killed by mob in nagpur.

I hope these cases should happen to finish the reigns of gundas.


4 Responses to “How MLAs are becoming land mafias – True story from Pune, Maharashtra, India”

  1. share your views buddy 🙂
    i hope the entire gunda gang associated with this deepak mankar are taken for a long ride inside the prison for atleast a good long decade

    • indiawellwisher Says:

      Instead of overcrowding our prisons why dont we send them some place ( pakistan 🙂 )where they will die misrable death.. they are no good for society any way..

  2. it is shocking that Mlas are involved in this kind of activities . i am sure that natu is righ and fighting for his rights.

    Persons like mankar and sagre should get the punishmnt by taking thre own properties in govt custodies and get paid to the owners of this matters.

    certainly some relatives from the community are also engaged with kind activities and many pepoles are suffering from such issues .

  3. as expected witnesses have started turning hostile in this case.
    will justice prevail? ofcourse not 🙂

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