Pakistan, a Terrorist Nation

Sole exporter of terrorism all around world.
What are they achieving with this.
Creating problems for themselves in future.
World must break all trading ties to Pakistan. Well they are trading only in terrorism.

Zardari ( who is insane and in serious mental condition ) who is leading pakistan does not have even media speaking sense.
His flipflop statements are more misleading.
Zardari “the idiot” asking proof about Ajmal Kasab “The Pig” is pakistani national.
I think india should make the copies of letter Ajmal the pig sent to pakistan’s embassy and shove in this a**e.

Almost 80% of terrorist attacks are devised or directly/indirectly linked to pakistan.
And what is the reason they are funding it?
I could never find it out.


One Response to “Pakistan, a Terrorist Nation”

  1. I am one of the person who is residing in Muslim country, but I would like to add some of the points.

    I am the person who is staying in one of the Muslim nation. I myself would say that Pakistan is purely the terrorist nation and nothing else. Pakistan has throughout in their lifetime wasted their time in developing the terrorism as well as preparing against India for war.

    There are many other countries also who are the Muslim nations but are developing much better than any other like. And that country is not even ashamed of themselves about where they are lagging today. And also spoiling the religion too in the name of god.

    India’s neighbouring nation have spoiled & misused everything today – their economy, their currency, their people (who all are struggling) because of which all people are poor, their Intelligence agency, their land, their religion, their army people, etc & all

    Pakistan today do not even deserve any trade links with any countries, because if anything done for their good they would just shamelessly invest or spend all spending in provoking their terrorism activities. Ex. They have done with US – Invested all the money for increasing terrorism against India rather than curbing in Afghanistan. And I would also abuse and criticize the other nations who are supporting these most evil activities.

    The world today knows everything about the activities of Pakistan relating the terrorism. And we are with you (INDIA).

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