Face of Shameless politics in India

A.R. Antulay who is well known as “THE CEMENT SCAM BARRON” is putting theories shamelessly in public.
What is the difference between him and Zardari (President pig of terrorist nation, pakistan) who is denying that Kasab, the pakistani butcher is actually paksitani.
What is qualification of A.r. antualy who looks like cashing on cheap publicity to say that “Karkare, who headed Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and died during the Mumbai terror attacks, was killed because he was probing a radical Hindu group’s alleged role in the bomb blasts in the state’s Malegaon town.”
It is widely and firmly known that Pakistani bastards supported by bloody dawood’s network (which is ver y unfortuante for India) is behind killings of brave soldiars like Karkare, salaskar, kamathe and many others..
What is this scam master antulay trying say? Isnt he giving another reason to terrorist nation, pakistan to deny the fact?
Why should antulay be sent to pakistan? Is he spreading communal hatred? Or just cashing on certain community’s vote bank?

Pakistan is already denying and boasting that they would retaliate to attacks by saying that are they supporting terrorism?
Have these a**holes forgot that they lost 3 wars miserably?? Was Kayani not in army that time?
Or are they just creating a hysteric wave of war?
More than 80% terrorist and other “hizada” type attacks in the world are induced or masterminded from the pakistan.
Pakistan has successfully gained the status of “Terrorist Nation” of the world.
Kayani who is proxy musharraf is saying openly that they would attack india.
Taleban who manged to screw up their own country, Afghanistan and some of pakistan is supporting Kayani and paki army.
What a bunch of tyrants.. When they will learn to live and let live peacefully.
By accepting taleban’s support is pakistan becoming tyrant of the world?
In the recent news 3 JeM militants arrested in Kashmir today are infact Pakistani soldiars.
Shouldn’t paksitan look at sorting out troubles at home than disrupting peace in world?

Before calling war or threatening to already dead country like pakistan, should India take this opportunity and flush out/finish all militant networks, execute Afzal Gurus and “clean” the system??
It is hight time we have to take an action.


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