Dawood is involved in mumbai blasts

We knew it all along that dawood is involved in all misdids after 93’s blasts.
What did we do? Nothing..
What can we do? Nothing..
Does India have guts to go to pakistan and eliminate D factor for ever? No

Do life has any cost in India?? India does not have technology like US drones to strike him down in Pakistan??

Why dawood’s network still exist in India?
Is it because pay offs to politicians and police?
What a shame. Is this how politicians has f**ked our beloved India so bad?

So people who work with and exile dawood’s network must also be considered as terrorists, right?
Why does not government just seize all the properties (and dismantle all the business D gang owns?
Ultimately these business are indirectly funding dawood and pakistani terrorists.

Common people would not buy seized Dawood’s properties (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/29561768.cms) for bovious reason so goverment should seize them and use it for its own purpose. Set up offices there..
Why cant government do that.

Why dont Dawood do anything in China. Because if Chinese even got a wimp if Dawood is involved in any of misbehaving in China then they would find him any where in the world and shoot him.
If idiot Zardari even bothers to protest then probably they would bugger Zardari..

Having seen the flipflop statements of Zardari, (Terrrorist Nation’s President) then any one can figure out that this Idiot is out of his mind.
Zardari’s mental health was in question when he became president.

Despite of the only apprehended bastard Ajmal Kasab sent letter to Pakistan’s (Terrrorist Nation) embassy that he is Pakistani and from Faridcot, Zardari seems to keep forgetting it.

I believe to retaliate only thing India can do is engage some agency like ISI (Terrorist Nation’s intelligence agency) along with nations like US and UK (whom Pakistan (Terrorist Nation) can not even dare to touch) and make a havoc in pakistan.

The only bad part of such hedious approach would be
1. We will tarnish our own image
2. Poor pakistani people who are already riddled with many other problems will get caught in between.
3. There will be anarchy in near by areas.

After getting required information from the sole arrested bastard Ajmal Kasab just give him to the public to decide his fate. I am sure common public will kick him to death.
Ajmal Kasab “The Pig” is worth that.
What a motherf**ker Ajmal Kasab and his fellow bastards are. And looks like even whole Terrorist Nation (Pakistan) is behind him.

I am wishfully thinking that one day Pakistanti militancy (A terrorist nation’s gift to humanity) will become boomerang and destroy the whole nation.

Most heart beaking scene I have ever seen was little Moshe crying for his mother. That almost brought tears in my eyes.


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