Retire lazy, corrupt judges, CJI tells HCs

This is what times of india (16-10-2008) headline says..

well retire lazy judges and shoot the corrupt judges.. how about it..
lazy people if threatened to remove will work but what about corrupt judges??
warn them and if they do that then shoot them..

We should take this opportunity to “clean” very important judical system..

It will help convicting the felons and hence tightening the law and order..
Clean judicial system will lead to clean society; in some way


One Response to “Retire lazy, corrupt judges, CJI tells HCs”

  1. Worried Indian Says:

    Among the four pillars of the democracy (it’s democraZy in India!) the legislative and the executive are neck to neck and outdo each other being the more corrupt. Judiciary was a hope but corruption is becoming not uncommon there too. The fourth estate – the media – seems to sensationalize the news however is the best of the 4 evils! An otherwise great country now being RAPED by unscrupulous politicians whose ONLY job is to make as much money as they can! There is no point in you and I just ranting in the web but it gives a vent for our ire – doesn’t it?

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