The Downfall of India has begun….

Looking at current situation I don’t think any other outside force is needed to expedite India’s downfall, our politicians are capable.
Look at the news in last few days (indexed by most shocking manner)
1. Lalu & Mulayam bats for SIMI – When SIMI is known extremist organization, alleged to be responsible for gujrat bombs ( july 2008 ) and many others. These low life politicians are touting such organization for votes. Why cant (useless and hopeless) judicial system ban on Lalu and Mulayam. Simply disgusting.
2. Mayawati to put up more of her statues – One of the most irritating politician who claims that she is messiah of Dalits and one of the corrupt politician is installing her statues all over UP.. Why?? Is she inspiration to all India? She had been doing dirty politics on the basis of caste and dividing India more. She had been accused of accepting bribe in Taj Corridor case and impeached later on. What inspiration should people take from her; corruption? bullying? gundagardi? or dirty politics based on caste?
3. Even God cannot save this country: SC – Disappointed Supreme Court today said while slamming the Government for its refusal to amend the law for launching criminal prosecution against those who illegally occupy official houses. IF the supreme court is saying this then what about commoner. People in India are just too tolerant. Most of the time they do not have choice. Things are decided by thugs in assemblies. These thugs squat the good locationed government accommodations and then never leave.
4. ‘cash-for-vote’ scandal – Ridiculous. These bunch of bastards represent India. Unbearable.
5. 2.69 lakh suspected Bangladeshis chargesheeted – It just shows we can not even keep our borders secure. not sure what military/BSF is doing. I wont be surprised if they take few thousand rupees bribe to let bangladeshi or pakistani illegal infiltrators to enter in India. I wont blame them. When all the nations’ shameless “representatives” are making money using their powers why not jawans who are working in dangerous borders. When and where would they earn money.
6. Other than this if you open news paper you will lots of news of teen age girls being molested or raped. Most of the time rapists walk away with only few years of regression imprisonment. What a pity on law and order situation.
Baby girls abandoned because they are girls. Kidnappings for “fund raising”. Builders oppressing middle class buyers.
All these things are worsening India’s situation. Sometimes I tend to believe democracy, law and order in India is failing. Politicians are not working for India, they are working for their own growth and for the money. They are dividing India on the basis of religion and castes.

2 Responses to “The Downfall of India has begun….”

  1. good post

  2. kaushal gandhi Says:

    it is so right, and one more thing that happened recently is world cup 2011, everything was kind of fixed, some team got money to loost and some got to win than why people are cheering so much, because of this final match 7100 crores hours of manpower was wasted, some time i think people are crazy or i am crazy to think like that.

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