SIMI ban.. My opinion..

When I turned on TV and NDTV channel was showing breaking news than ban on SIMI has been lifted by delhi single tribunal court..
That left me in disgust, agony and anguish. It is sign of judicial system in india is failing.
When organizations like SIMI are accused and may be responsible for deadly bomb blasts happened over last year in india, it is ridiculous to lift ban on them rather than tightening the screw on them..
Can’t government challenge this and as a measure of national security impose the ban.
The lame reason is there is no evidence.. few days before SIMI activist was arrested with explosives is that not enough evidence about their intention.
Court is blind and people has lot of tolerance.
How many innocent lives bloody judicial system in ailing india needs?
I feel sympathy towards the families of people who lost their children in blasts organized by SIMI.
SIMI is terrorist organization and it HAS TO BE banned.
This news has left so many people in shock. India is moving towards legal and safe heaven for militants and terrorists.
There is no difference between militancy riddled countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Palestine and India.
This is one the of biggest setback poor, tolerant indians..


This is what current situation in india

– anyone can barge in to India and claim human rights
– bomb the country and nudge the next door Human rights activist who will help him purge out the ONLY remaining laws to even try – if the friendly politician’s (someone in the Home ministry or the Prime Minister’s office) fails..
– and walk out on the road planning his next move with a confident air about him!
– tweak the laws with “available” loop holes
– use money power to “resolve” do any illegal issues

Mainly wrongful use of power by politicians (which is synonym of thugs) has led the country in this mess.
These thugs will do any thing, absolutely anything for money.


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