Will these people ever get punished????

Killers of Priyadarshini Mattoo
Sanjeev Nanda – who run over 7 people out of which 6 are dead and his family was involed in Tehelka Sting operation.

D. P. Yadav and his sons Vikas and Vishal who killed Nitish Katara

Salman khan – who run over 6 people

Killers of Satyendra Dubey who is killed because he tried to expose the corruption

God knows how many crooks are walking free in india..

How many slayings happen in india..

Why CBI/police is so reluctant to investigate crimes against politicians or their kins..

The witnesses turn hostile and withdraw..

why our law is blind… These criminals will get bolder and bolder as our judiciary system will let these people walk free because of no evidence.

Criminals walk free.

Where the heck we are heading.. We are not walking towards hell we are running towards it..

Crime is becoming a casual act inIndia.

for example look at his..

Three teenagers stabbed in Haryana for opposing eveteasing


and many more which are unreported..

It is disturbing…

I am not surprised more and more people are moving to other countries like US,canada,UK etc despite of racism there..

It is not it is very safe there but still there is sense of faith in the system.


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