Hooligans and mob mentality

It has been displayed in at many occasions in “incredible India“..
Latest mass molestation is one of the best example..
It happened in mumbai, kolkata as per the news but there might be many unreported crimes..

The worst part is those who arrested got the bail.. Why?
How come this hideous crime got the bail.

And what is the possibility those who get convicted will get imprisonment??

If you ask any commoner you will get the answer as NO.

Since we Indians are becoming forgetful about the crimes, reason being there are many..
The state of judicial and law systems are worsening.

Mob crimes makes feel secure to the people who commit the crime. Because not a particular person can be identified.

Only the urge for not to do any bad thing will help us..
Selfdiscipline, selfawareness, noble thinking is the only solution.


One Response to “Hooligans and mob mentality”

  1. Sensible man Says:

    Hey did you rioting at mulund by sikhs?
    I think that was mob mentality..
    absolutely hopeless..

    what did sikhs achieve by rioting in mulund?
    why make this show of strength?
    why make all market standstill?
    with stranded passengers, worried families, breaking buses, stopping the long haul trains, what did sikhs get?
    why collapse the local rail network which is lifeline of mumbai?
    why do this?

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