Noise Pollution In Ganesh Festival

Have you ever gone to ganesh festival in india?

Trust me you will go deaf with the Ganesh Mandals using wall of speakers to show their “devotion” to lord Ganesha..

We people can at the most complain to police who are not very keen to resolve this problem. Corporators is long shot, since commonly Ganesh Mandals in their area are funded by them.

We indians have lot of tolerance. The same tolerance is going take us to hell one day.

What can commoner do?


3 Responses to “Noise Pollution In Ganesh Festival”

  1. Also mention the muslims howling like a dog 5 times a day disturbing my sleep every day promptly at 5 am…

    aaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaakbar

  2. Thats true. The government, corporators or police are deaf to noise pollution. Probably, if a large number of people complain to the police through phone, things may move a little. One issue with this is that the people who cause noise pollution may respond with violence. So it is important to remain anonymous and use only the phone. If the police get – say 50 complaints from different people in the same area – they may (or may not act). Then those 50 persons can write anonymous letters to higher authorities in the police complaining that the police did not help. Things will not change in a day – but we have to keep fighting non violently like those who fought for independence – this is a war for another independence – from a different enemy.

    Probably, another solution is to plant trees like Bamboo around building compounds which make a dense layer to filter noise. Space is difficult to find – but we need to do plant whatever we find, wherever we find space.

  3. Sada Punekar Says:

    Good comment parth.
    I do not think that anonymous complaints will make difference but worth trying.

    our ganesh mandals should be more practive in practising noise pollution less ganpati..
    It comes to proactive nature of the people..

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