Disturbing year end in mumbai

What a shame. Mob of 80 “MEN” molested 2 ladies on new year..

India where men are supposed to guard women and are molesting them in a mob…

What a bunch of eunuch and hopeless people.

More disturbing was police was reluctant to register the complaint.. Where are we heading.. Law enforcers are relctuant to protect law..

would it be a fault of persons accompanying the girls, shot dead few of the molesting people?
I dont think so..
The people who lost their morale and in doing this heinous crime should not be spared in any case. There is no difference between animals and these lowlife people. Infact sometimes animals are sensible.
We do not need this filth in india.
Somebody has to punish these people..
Police say they will try to identify the people using photographs which journalists had taken.
But how? Or is just to give the commoner sense of relief.

Traditionally police never intervene unless they are forced to or there is something beneficial to them.

On the same day there was a news that Lalu’s 2 sons were beaten by the mob for eve-teasing..
this was certainly a very pleasing news..

It is sign that people are becoming aware of the anti social behavior. The siblings or children of politicians or rich brats think that they can get away with any thing.

Which is true in a way since it has been proved all along in india.
This is now poised to change.

Hope india will be ideal place to live on day.


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