How builders devastate lives

This is my personal experience..

There is a building construction going on next to my residential house for last 2 years.

The concrete mixer is next to my window. It runs 12 hours sometimes..

The labours throw the rubble from what ever the floor and dusting my house.

Labours work till 12 in the night and start 4 am in the morning..

What can I do?

I went to the builderand expressed my concerns. He was not concerned at all.

So I went to police and complained. Result is momentary.

I went to local corporator, it was waste of time and money.

The builder is close to political figure. The building is of the school.. Another money making machine.

The noise is so high sometimes that we have to shout at home even talking to each other.

So why should I not wish

1. the builder should die miserably in a fatal accident

2. His siblings should be deaf with noise.

3. He and the people who decided that to errect the building at the cost peace of few hundred neighbours should have few mishaps in their life.

Since they have done something wrong and has to be punished.

We Indians are being more and more insensible..

The future is dark.


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