Should the bars (alcohol serving bastards) be in residential area?

I would protest for its existance anywhere in 5 miles of residential area.

The people who get drunk in the bar can cause many social problems

1. Drunk talk in a loud voice.

2. Drunk driving.

3. Drunk quarrels.

Can be many more..

How does the local municipal  corporation in India allow this? Ofcourse most of the people who work there are senseless and love only money AKA bribe they get from these bar owners.

Can the resisence near by unite and drive these bars away?

I am sure if they do then  police will be very happy arresting the residents and taking bribe from thebar owners.

Moreover the residents nearby are commoners. Next day they have to go to office/work. These bar owners, most of them are goons hae nothing else to do. Their job is to terrorise the local area. And they know authority i.e. police local corporators (representatives of local residents in municipality) are with them.

When this is going to stream line?


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