How to open outlet (of anything) in India

This is my understanding..

1. Search the place where commoners live. Commoners are people who do not have time to meddle with you.

2. Contact local legislator. Depending on how big is your business you need to choose the legislator.

small outlet – local corporator

big outlet – corporator, MLA (Member of State Assembly)

bigger/huge – corporators, MLAs, MPs (Member of Parliaments) , Ministers

3. See if you set up as a small operation first.

4. Give the local residents some good impression about it first.

5. When you search the place, make sure that you can encroach other common area as well.

6. Then start expanding.

7. Buy common usage area from builder (which is another filth on the earth)

8. Being a legitimate owner, you will have some “useful people” to lend a hand when required to put some “pressure” on residents who complain about you.

9. Then sky is a limit. We have many examples in super India about it. Few names Telagi, CRB capital, millions of illicit liquor barons, dance bar owners, this is endless list..


One Response to “How to open outlet (of anything) in India”

  1. prabodh jog Says:

    Good one.. I am becoming your fan… This is the exact process..

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