Can Noise pollution drive you crazy?

I think so..

I have extreme feeling  about it ..

for last year on and off days in a building next to us there is concrete mixer and small crane operated by diesel engine..

What a dumb building contracto. He could have used electric which is less noisy..

This is what I am really disappointed about india.. People has lost their common sense..

The people who live in bulding, when they come late in the night instead of talking in low voice they talk in higher voice.. What a piece of trash..

Not a particular community to blame but if it is happening only for a particular community then sure their upbringing is at fault.. They have not been taught to behave using their common sense since child hood..

You are sound asleep and at 1 am suddenly you hear loud voices muttering.. I think this is distressing for the people who work all day and just wish for 6 hours of sound sleep..

Loss of sense and sensibility.. Whom to blame? not sure…


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