This is the true symbol of Justice

True symbol of Justice

Not what we use in India.

Is this justice?

Blind folded lady with weighing scale in hand.

Justice hasto be done with open eyes… so there is less possibility of any error..

With close eyes Justice Lady can only judge the truth… That also means truth which justice lady can sense can be manipulated.. With open eyes that possibility is elmiated..

When Indians going to have the proper justice..


4 Responses to “This is the true symbol of Justice”

  1. Kumar Ravi Says:

    Hey what we use in India, has that sybol of justice got a Sword in her hand..?? please clear my doubt..!!

  2. Yes.. we use the same symbol but out justice idol has blinds on her eyes.. so what is not “shown” in court is not proved.. She should remove the blind fold and do the proper justice.

  3. Justice should be “blind” to the situation of the accused. Thus, it shouldn’t matter if the accused is a rich corporate executive, a political leader, a leader of a rebellion, or a blue-collar worker. Justice should be blind to the “status” or “position”, such that it is meted out absolutely, without corruption to all.

    FWIW, this is the problem many Americans have with the proposed Supreme Court Justice Sotamayor…she says she can do justice “better” because she’s a latina woman and she understands victims.

    This is a flawed idea.

  4. In india, we find that some corrupt judges are blindfolded probably they have taken a different meaning and they are selling judicial orders and judgement as
    commodity. I pray that they must try to know the actual meaning of the symbol of lady justice

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