Why I hate India

– Lack of Discipline

– No value for life.

– No justice.. One can buy justice

– Lack of civic sense

– Lack of law and its enforcement

– Money can buy anything, absolutely anything

– Rotten politics and politicians

– Misuse of amenities

– Reservations based on castes


2 Responses to “Why I hate India”

  1. prabodh jog Says:

    I agree.. I am really unfortunate to be born in India..
    You can not stop anything.. It is plain stupid thing.. I am not surprised that many people are leaving india forever and prefered to be secondclass citizens in other countries..

  2. AnonymousCoward Says:

    – Cheats
    – Eve teasers
    – Corruption at all levels
    – Terrible roads
    – No traffic sense
    – No environmental conciousness
    – Red Tapism in everything
    – Power cuts. No water supply for day
    – Lack of common sense

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