Noise Pollution In India

Anywhere you go in india, you travel on any road whether it vilage, urban area you can hear the blaring horns of vehicles..

Even if it is not required these dumbsters use the horn..In Mumbai,Pune,Calcutta it I had real bad experience of these horns..

Then there are loud speakers for some event..

Law says the loud speakers are  not allowed after 10 PM  and the decibel level of the sound should be less than certain value (I heard 80 db) in 20 meters radius…

As always this law has been overlooked all the time…

No matter there is a hospital near by or school nearby.. who cares.. Just blow the horn..

There is a bike from Bajaj naed Pulsar, its factory fitted horn is very loud.. The company should be penalised for that..

There was a nice article I read which was titled “We are becoming deaf”. I think thats quite true..

Annoyingly I can not do anything but to make a promise to myself not to blow the horn at all or unless it is really required.. If only 30% more can make the promise to themselves we can reduce the traffic noise to some degree..

There are more noise polluting devices we use.. One of the prominant one is mobile..

I had gone to a restaurant for dinner and I saw the most stupid thing I can ever imagine.. Three youngsters sitting next to our table were playing radio mirchi on their mobile loudly.. What a bunh of idiots who do not understand that they are disturbing people around.. And even those imbeciles had to speak loudly mong themelves…


7 Responses to “Noise Pollution In India”

  1. Francis Domnic Santamaria Says:

    i am staying in a society in hadapsar on the first floor,on the second floor people are suppling tiffin,they get up early in the morning around 5am and make alot of noise ,the slab in between the first and second floor is very thin ,so due to the noise our sleep is disturbed early in the morning ,they are either banging, alot of utencils noise is theirin the morning and in the night to around 1:00am.i dont know what to do , can you suggest me what step can i take futher, they have not taken permission from the societ to run the bussiness, we are mentally harrased with the noise…

  2. Bajaj Pulsar is surely created a bad direction to the vehicle horns.
    Pulsar horn is very bad…sound is so big as if it is horn for a Truck. It should be banned for that, as it creates huge sound pollution.
    Lot of people got shocked, when a big hound like this comes….expecting a truck.
    Govt. should do some thing about these vehicle horns, should impose some rules.

  3. The loudspeakers of the mosques through out India are contributing to noise pollution in a big way. They just dont use it for prayer. But they also use it for political speeches, provocating Muslims against other communities. Even so called religious speeches are very mind disturbing

    • i live close to a mosque, recently they have renovated and increased the volume of the loud speakers…. The first prayer starts at 4.45 am when all are fast asleep especially those who return from night shifts and sick, asthama patients like me. Now they have started giving speeches and talks on fridays and festival days in the loud speakers during the day and at night from 8.30 to 10pm. It is really very disturbing. i hope something can be done without hurting the feelings of anybody.

  4. a couple of weeks back in my area in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, People where celebrated a new temple opening ceremony. So almost five day or six days i don’t know exactly they ware playing some spiritual songs from morning 5:30am to night 10:00 pm. In my area I notice a old people (even me – because I usually sleeps at 2 or 3 am 😦 )and a new born 3 moths old baby was not able to sleep properly.

    • indiawellwisher Says:

      It is sad we pretend devotion to god without taking in account the trouble is causes.. It has to come from within and unfortunately my friend it will never happen in India.

  5. I stay in a place between Nagercoil and Kanyakumari. I is full of churches here from different Catholic streams. I don’t know what they are all talking but the first one starts playing songs and preaching at 4.30 AM. Today, Sunday 4 of them start around the same time in the morning, all as loud as possible to spread their message. If you file a complaint to the police, the commissioner will tell who filed the complaint so you might get in problems.

    Except of the fact that your night rest is disturbed, the volumes are so high that it damages your hearing, the sound quality is terrible… people are put against each other under the excuse of religion.

    Can something be done against all these nonsense?

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